I'm Nezumi. You should probably be a fan if you aren't already. Right now, though, performances as Eve or otherwise are few and far between, due to me doing my best impression of Kerouac's "On The Road." With less beat poetry and more iambic pentameter.
April 10th
10:28 AM

a message from normal-never

Nezumi, dear, why have you been so slow in responding as of late? You used to say a lot, but now you very rarely post things. Are you alright?

Can a man not contemplate in quiet solitude? 

April 7th
12:45 PM

a message from Anonymous

I wanna hug you. >//<

Your inability to do so doesn’t bring me that much pain or sorrow, I regret to tell you.

12:36 PM

a message from Anonymous

There seems to be less Shion related posts than usual. Are there really less questions regarding him, or are you just ignoring them?


12:33 PM

a message from Anonymous

What job do you have?

I sit in a box office and look good. 

Also I listen to everyone else working front-of-house warble on about how the next show’ll be their big break into a stage role. Which was probably a feasible ambition before I showed up. 

April 3rd
12:16 AM

a message from ladyknightofhollyrose

Have there been any questions you've asked to Shion that he actually has replied with 'none of your damn business' (or whatever Shion's variation of that would be)? He seems to be fairly open with you about most things so I was curious.

The royal variation seems to be to blush, and then speak my name in a most scolding tone. 

Though I don’t need to word my sentences as queries to provoke that response, so I suppose the answer to your question is no, not that I can recall.

12:09 AM

a message from Anonymous

What do you do when you get bored without any books to read?

I use my imagination, anonymous.

It’s the greatest nation of them all!

12:06 AM

a message from Anonymous

How long do you plan on living like a beatnik? Many paid a high price for this disillusion. (Not that I disapprove, though)

I am gainfully employed as of two days ago. So I suppose up until two days ago, I was planning on living like a beatnik indefinitely. 

March 27th
5:01 PM

a message from Anonymous

Do you ever have days where you just want to give up? Where you just want to lay down and never get back up?

And wait for, what, the sweet embrace of death? Fuck that.

4:57 PM

a message from Anonymous

When you were walking away from Shion before you started this wandering journey, did you have any urges to just turn around and stay with him? Or was moving forward and away from Shion easy?


4:53 PM

a message from Anonymous

When you do eventually see Shion again, is there anything you'd like to say to him? Is there anything you'd like to hear him say?


Keyword: ‘him’. Not ‘the anonymous masses on my ill-advised ask blog.’